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Many educators who have attended School Climate and Restorative Practices training sessions have asked to be able to share resources, successes and challenges with others who are also on the School Climate/Restorative Practices “journey.”  The purpose of this forum is to be able to build a virtual community of learners and leaders with the belief that we are all better able to progress when we have the benefit of the wisdom of others.  I hope this satisfies everyone who has been asking for such an opportunity.  Let me know!!

One important note…in order to maintain the integrity of this platform, anyone who chooses to participate will be asked to “register.”  Please know that this is only to keep spammers, advertisers, etc. from participating.  Your registration will NOT be shared with anyone; it is just a formality.  Thank you for your participation.   Click here to begin!!

Jane Bluestein, Ph.D. is one of the most outstanding experts and spokespersons for creating safe and productive learning environments.  Jane Has an extensive and engaging website with many outstanding resources.

The National School Climate Resource Center (NSCRC) is an international leader in understanding, promoting and leading efforts to improve school climate.  They have a long history of championing and providing research-based information and practices.  They led the charge to bring national leaders together to create National School Climate Standards.

This national organization, and its Connecticut chapter has taken on the issues of bullying and school climate improvement knowing how at risk children with special needs are.  There is a blog where questions can be posted and answers will be given about bullying and the importance of creating safe school climates.

The New England Center for School Climate and Learning is an organization that is an important force in the nation for furthering an understanding and engaging in state efforts that demonstrate conclusively that positive school climate is the foundation of high academic achievement.

Stan Davis is the co-founder of the International Bullying Prevention Association and understands and communicates the need to create and maintain positive school climates as the ultimate remedy for bullying.  Stan’s research is powerful and important.

The award-winning and best selling author, Jodi Picoult wrote Nineteen Minutes, a realistic novel about a rampage school shooting.  Jodi “did her homework” and has honored the wealth of research that is now known about these tragedies.  She has included on her website a link to me (Jo Ann Freiberg), as a way for readers to ask questions about bullying and receive some guidance and ideas for classroom use of this wonderful book.

Marta Koonz is a national expert and leader in working with youth and those who serve them from an assets-based positive perspective.  Her work in helping schools creating caring connections among community members, creating Student Assistant Teams and working one-on-one as a certified coach is outstanding.

The Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) has a wealth of information and resources about bullying, harassment and school climate improvement.  The best way to access these resources is to use the search window and enter “bullying” once you arrive at the CSDE Homepage. 

To hear Dr. Freiberg interviewed on WNPR:

Here is the link (You Tube) to the Safe School Forum held on September 3, 2015 (held at New Britain HS, CT) in which I was the Keynote.  In the words of my hosts from the New Britain Board of Education, Urban Voices, “Spend sometime watching...its a great PD!”

Here is a link to a powerful article on doing away with rewards and awards: 

Link to: Unseen wounds
An important study finds that children who have been psychologically maltreated suffer effects that are equal or greater than children who have been physically or sexually abused.